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Christopher Caldwell

United Kingdom 48 years old Active since 01/04/2017

Experience about 3 years | Approach technical

December Performance

Generated profit: 30,872.00
Number of trades: 208
Win rate: 81.00%
Min trade size: 15
Max trade size: 500
Followers: 107
Min required capital: 1400
Management fee: 4 %

Stop Loss

Copying will be automatically stopped if net loss at any given time exceeds the chosen amount:

150 10000

Investment Mode

Select the method to calculate investment amount per position with this Trade Master.


This is the investment amount per trade with this Trade

Pro-Rata %

If the Trade Master opens 100 trade in his account, a {{proRata * 1}} trade will be placed in your account.
This is the ratio between the investment amount of the Trade Master and the amount of the trade that will open in your account.