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From artificial intelligence to crypto currencies and blockchain technology, the future is unfolding before our very eyes. That’s why Freestyle Options has evolved into much more than just a digital trading platform. Our technology allows us to create a powerful ecosystem designed to support both professional traders and beginners, taking first steps on financial markets.

Any Freestyle Options trader can benefit from his/her experience by becoming a Trade Master, and earn extra profit in a form of commission for allowing other traders to copy his/her trades.

Requirements to qualify as a Freestyle Options Trade Master are as follows:
1. A trader has to trade on Freestyle Options platform for minimum 3 consecutive months;
2. A trader has to place minimum 2000 trades on his account within 3 consecutive months;
3. A trader’s win rate should be at least 75% for each of these 3 consecutive months.

A trader qualified to become a Trade Master is contacted by Freestyle Options manager and inquired if he/she would like to become a Trade Master. A trader has to fill in an application form as per Freestyle Options rules. Once approved his/her profile will be added to the Automated Social Trading system and a Trader Master becomes eligible for receiving commissions paid by traders copying his/her trades. Commission amount ranges from 2 to 10% and is determined by a Trade Master at his/her own discretion.

If at any given month a Trade Master’s win rate falls below 75%, his/her profile is removed from the Automated Social Trading system for the following month. If Trade Master’s win rate during the following month reaches 75% (minimum number of trades on his/her account during that month should not be less than 100), his/her profile will be returned to the Automated Social Trading system for the next month.


Freestyle Options platform constantly monitors the performance of all live accounts and reserves the right to display trades of the best performing accounts in its Manual Social trading system.

Qualification freehold is 75% win rate on the last 100 trades placed by the Customer. Once qualified the account appears in the rotation based on the results of the previous day trading performance. If win rate falls below 75% on any given day, the system removes the account from the social trading for the following day. If on any given day the account win rate reaches 75%, the system returns the account in the social trading for the following day.

Consistent underperformance leads to permanent removal of the account from the signal rotation. If a Customer doesn’t want to have his trades displayed in the system he may contact the Company with the request to remove his account from the social trading system.

Traders featured in Manual Social trading rotation are not entitled for any commissions.



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