Professional Trading Signals

What are Binary Trading Signals?

Binary options signals are powerful and accessible trading tools suitable for novice traders and expert investors. Binary signals, which are usually issued as trading alerts or indicators, serve the purpose of prediction of the asset price movement at certain period of time and identification of the best market entry point in a form of recommended strike price and expiry time. When used properly, they facilitate better trading decisions, thus boosting profitability, and give traders of any level confidence and opportunity to understand markets and build their own trading strategies. The accuracy of binary trading signals is a very important aspect to look at when choosing a signal provider. Please note, that Freestyle Options binary broker does not generate any trading signals. We may recommend our traders certain third party professional signal providers who demonstrate consistently high performance and excellent customer support, but traders remain fully responsible for the choice of a signal provider and correct use of their trading signals.


How to Start Trading with Binary Signals?

Open a free account with Freestyle Options
Get in touch with your personal account manager and tell him/her about your signal preferences: investment plan, risk level, trading volume, number or signals you would like to receive daily.
Your manager will recommend you several professional signal providers to choose from. Visit their websites, speak to their support, make yourself familiar with their services.
If you want to receive professional trading signals for free, please choose one of the Freestyle Options’ account types, which includes free signals.
Make a deposit according to the chosen investment plan and enjoy your trading with the help of professional signals.
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How to Choose the Best Signal Provider

Traders of any experience level can benefit from high quality trading signals, generated by professional providers. Signals should be provided in real time and allow traders to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing market and place profitable trades by following simple instructions. Amongst criteria to look at when choosing a signal provider is the company reputation, number of signals generated daily, average signal win rate, customer support and education. You may sign up for a service where you open trades manually or connect your account to an automated trading system, but when picking a provider you have to make sure that it suits your trading needs the best. Most signal providers we recommend offer free trials of their services. It is a good idea to test the signals before investing money to make sure that signals work for you and come along with your trading goals and strategies.



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